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he has been single for a year or so, but not anymore:)

(gets barraged by lokexelias fangirls&boys to insist theyre together)


So last night, this happened. Please ignore my face, i was so nervous that i ended up looking ridiculous. He even shook my hand afterwards, which was interesting!  After the concert (that was amazing btw), Jakob came to me and my friend and gave us some tickets for free drinks and he said that they were leaving so they weren’t gonna use them. He also said “have a good night” and i was like “thank u, u too!”, he was so nice!!
It was definitely an amazing concert and a well spent night.
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I need that anon to explain about Loke's new girlfriend...

the anon disappeared lol 


This is a screenshot of a video I took at Reading Festival and this is actually great !

excess (x4)
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psst I have a lil Loke gossip, he has a new girlfriend!

"new?" haha care to explain that


то,как он курит